A asian woman who looks about 30 years old and wears comfortable black clothes.


Ivy is a beautiful woman who appears to be in her early 30’s. She wears dark jeans, a black shirt, and an expensive looking black leather jacket.


Ivy is one of the three vampire lords in Stratus City. She has an entourage of vamps who do her bidding, which usually involves keeping control of the drug trade in the eastern half of the city.

Abel is one of her right hand men.

Custom Move – Connoisseur of Novelty: When you introduce an item or person of great interest to Ivy, roll with Heart. On a 10+ she owes you a Debt for the experience. On a 7-9 she will offer a piece of useful information. On a miss, she spurns the item or person and either leaves in disgust or kicks you out.


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